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Agile implementation to achieve rapid time to value

“No plan survives first contact with the enemy”

famously stated by Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, the Chief of Staff of the Prussian army before World War 1.

We believe that is true for methodologies – they do not survive first contact with the client’s problems.
We therefore make every effort to sit on your side of the table to deploy processes and system changes in a way that you can manage. We own and deliver the change with you to ensure the business impact is real and valuable.

Agile Solutions

Achieving a significant uplift in supply chain planning capability through software is challenging. While the project is happening, market conditions change rapidly, end-user needs evolve, and new competitive threats emerge without warning. In many situations, you won’t be able to define requirements fully before the project begins.

One Forecast’s implementation approach is agile to assure a dynamic and rapid adjustment to business requirements. We deliver working software early and rapidly adapt the software to the emerging requirements.

Our Process

At Oneforecast we like to keep it simple with three highly iterative steps: Discover, Develop, Deliver.

  • During Discover, we analyse processes, surrounding systems and data, and organization.
  • Development follows as soon as we have enough insight build a meaningful prototype. Usually, discovery continues and can insert into development at any time.
  • Deliver means system walkthroughs, testing and early result verification. This hands-on activity also serves as excellent training ground. Again, discovery and development continue and are inserted into delivery as often as needed.

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