End-to-end visibility and alignment

Meet market demand with constraint-based planning, what-if modeling, capacity planning, supplier collaboration, and more. Vanguard offers truly unified, demand-driven supply planning.
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Why Vanguard Predictive Planning


Focus on improvement. Automate planning processes with a powerful AI engine, and an unlimited number of strategy choices and constraint inputs. Build advanced workflows, utilize alerts and notifications, and manage by exception.  Provide planners the most accurate and up-to-date predictions and recommendations that will result in harmonious, goal-based decision-making across all plans.


Leverage team wisdom in meaningful ways with Vanguard’s Collaboration Hub. Broadcast messaging, system-wide searching, and hashtagging are all supported by the built-in, actionable collaboration feed.  Incorporate the team’s hard-earned wisdom while staying true to the data.  Plug in key knowledge to improve forecast and planning accuracy.


Remain resilient against variability with Vanguard’s market-leading advanced analytics: artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and an optimization engine. Analyze various what-if scenarios with the support of Monte Carlo simulations to understand the probabilities of various outcomes, including best, average, and worst cases. Leverage knowledge of risk levels for any potential future scenario, and turn uncertainty into profit.


Enable end-to-end visibility and alignment. Stop running jobs; stop importing or connecting data from module to module. At the heart of Vanguard Predictive Planning is our Unified High-Performance In-Memory Object (UHIO) database, which supports a unified data model across all plans. Watch a change to the sales forecast impact the demand, supply, capacity, production and financial plans in real-time.  Empower unified forecasting, planning, and decision-making across the entire organization.

Business Benefits

MRP/replenishment planning

Vanguard Predictive Planning offers an end-to-end view: from raw materials demand and procurement to production. With support for BOM explosionsunlimited service levels and replenishment strategy choices, and the ability to model all constraints; our platform offers robust supply planning capabilities. See real-time updates across all forecasts, plans, and schedules. Watch your replenishment dashboard auto-update when the demand forecast changes. Generate an optimized purchase order with confidence that it’s informed by the most current inputs.

Master production scheduling

Imagine a world where real-time MRP data is feeding your master production schedule (MPS). Your MPS is based on the most up-to-date demand forecast, constraints, and current business drivers (i.e. profit, revenue, or customer priority). This is your world with Vanguard Predictive Planning. Production scheduling is automated, and planners are there to provide oversight – intervening only when they are notified of exceptions.

Capacity planning

Capacity planning should be a strategic process, not only identifying capacity at each production site, but utilizing your resources holistically to meet customer demand in the most efficient way possible. Vanguard Predictive Planning enables rough cut capacity planning with support for an unlimited number of constraints (whether driven by physicality or business rules). Workflows drive the process – allowing planners to provide oversight, be notified when exceptions occur, and make manual overrides all in a user-friendly interface. Vanguard Predictive Planning supports expansive stress testing and what-if modeling to allow for better planning, whether it be 12, 18, 24, or more months out.

Production planning

Planning across multiple facilities for labor, materials, and machines needs to be unified and synced with the demand forecast in order to meet customer demand and avoid stockouts. With the ability to plan entire finished goods (including sub-assemblies, kitting, secondary operations, and more), Vanguard Predictive Planning provides the most extensive production planning capabilities on the market. You’ll see auto-leveling of production plans, support for capable-to-promise and available-to-promise systemsmade-to-order and made-to-stock options, and advanced production reporting.

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