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Vanguard Predictive Planning differentiators

Vanguard’s Predictive Planning is a state-of-the-art, market leading cloud based platform that enables our clients to achieve breakaway performance through probability based collaborative planning.

Whether an organization is planning within one line of business, like the supply chain; or connecting plans across all lines of business with true Integrated Business Planning, Vanguard Predictive Planning is the most scalable, flexible and user-friendly option on the market.


Unified High Performance In-memory Object oriented database. Forecast millions of SKUs in an instant. No cubes or aggregations to build, no waiting for jobs to run overnight. With UHIO, users can unify all enterprise data no matter where it comes from or how large of a data set; into a single unified data store for fast planning and forecasting.


Collaboration Hub

Keeping the right personnel in the information loop and distributing key information is what the Collaboration Hub is all about. Whether those resources are within your organization, a client or a supplier; collaboration and information sharing is proving to be essential in supply chain planning success.

Vanguard Data Integrator

One of the first concerns or questions that organizations have when looking at cloud-based planning applications is, how to get data in and out of the platform in an automated fashion. Vanguard enables organizations to put this concern at ease as included in the platform is a data integrator (ETL tool) that automates data integration both importing and exporting data.


Vanguard Predictive Planning leverages Artificial Intelligence in multiple aspects of the platform including forecast method selection, demand prediction and pattern detection and automation of tasks. Our team of data scientists are constantly evaluating new machine learning algorithms and applications of artificial intelligence within the platform.

Consumable Analytics

Analytics are only valuable if the end users are able to use them to improve their decision making. Our Consumable Analytics have been developed to ensure every end user of our system can achieve this goal of improved decision making. By combining both visual techniques, mash-ups and dashboards with traditional pivot tables, our analytics are truly understood by our end users.


Mesh Network

Not all cloud infrastructures are not the same. Some offer a single instance. Others offer a cold back up. Still others offer a hot sync or failover. Only Vanguard offers several servers throughout the world that sync real time. The benefit is that our end users have never seen any downtime since the MESH Network has been live, no even for fixes or patches

Single Sign-On

Users do not want to have to remembers user IDs and Passwords for each and every system them use. With some cloud applications, that is the case. Vanguard takes the user experience very seriously and supports Single Sign-on so users do not have to remember yet one more user ID and Password.


100+ Languages Support

Does your organization have users in non-English speaking countries? Vanguard Predictive Planning supports over 100+ languages for its user interface. It is as simple as the end user, selecting from a long list of languages what they prefer. Whether it is Hebrew, Spanish or French as examples, we have you covered.

Grid Computing

Most of our clients do not need enhance computation power that is delivered through grid computing, but is sure is nice to know that if your organization ever does need it, Vanguard Predictive Planning offers support for Grid Computing. This divides simulation tasks among several computers, giving you the processing power to run enterprise-scale simulations without supercomputing costs.

Monte Carlo Simulation

There is no dispute, running simulations are a far superior method of “what-if” planning. But for most software applications, simulations are outside the scope. And for those that can, it is a separate add-on. Not with Vanguard Predictive Planning. Monte Carlo simulation is built in with no additional jobs to run or integrations to perform.

Cloud service catagories

Data centers


At Vanguard, we take security seriously. With strict security protocols, procedures and technologies deployed; our clients rest easy at night knowing their data is safe. Some of our security features include:

  • Single Sign on (SAML)
  • Tenant Segregation
  • Role based user and group permissions
  • Secure and encrypted data exchange
  • Continuous pen testing and management
  • Support for multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Zero data breaches

Data integration

Building enterprise plans that are used by all lines of business requires the integration of data from multiple sources. That can be a challenge for many cloud applications, but not Vanguard Predictive Planning.  With Vanguard’s Client Connector, there is no limit to the amount of source systems that clients that leverage for their planning purposes.  These sources can be any combination of on-premise applications, cloud applications or third-party data like weather.  The Vanguard Client Connector improves the unification of disparate data, reduces implementation time and improves data quality.  Further, the Client Connector is used to write data back to any destination.

Monte Carlo

Most solutions enable organizations to run what-if models and call that simulation. That is not accurate.  Those are still deterministic in nature and limited in value.  Monte Carlo Simulation provides a number of benefits including:

  • Every outcome is scored with a likelihood or probability
  • Every combination of value for different inputs is associated with an outcome, this cannot be accomplished with deterministic approaches
  • Easy to see what inputs have the largest effect on the outcome (each scored). This is called sensitivity analysis
  • Easy to understand visual results

Monte Carlo simulations by building hundreds of models of potential results by substituting a range of values (a probability distribution) and any variable that has uncertainty. The results are calculated over and over again, plugging in different values for the functions. This may result in thousands of iterations being run. With this approach, organizations can truly have insight and identify which risks need their attention over others. This enables organizations to manage these risks with greater certainty.

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

While AI and ML have been all the buzz of late, Vanguard Software has been developing solutions with ML and AI for close to a decade.  Through this experience, Vanguard’s Predictive Planning leverages the most valuable algorithms and techniques to improve planning performance. A few examples of where this technology is leveraged in our platform are:

  • Nearest neighbor algo – used in new product introduction forecasting (NPI)
  • Incorporating third party data like weather, social or market
  • Forecasting assistant – auto selects recommended forecasting method and parameters
  • Demand sensing

    Consumable Analytics

    What is the value of producing advanced analytics and insights, if they are difficult to understand and make decisions off. That is why Vanguard Predictive Planning takes advanced analytics and ensures the highest level of usability. This is what we call Consumable Analytics. With out of the box, best practice-based charts, reports and dashboards; organizations can gain valuable insights from day one and have the ability to create new charts, reports and dashboards on the fly. You have a lot of data in a complex planning system. Consumable Analytics helps your users and executives take complex data and instantly create valuable insights. Interactive visual analytics allow you to explore your data and the new insights generated by Vanguard Predictive Planning.

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