It all starts with the demand forecast

Intelligent demand forecasts inform optimized downstream plans, improving financial gains and customer service levels.

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Vanguard Predictive Planning for demand planning

Demand planning should include tools built for collaboration and analysis. Vanguard Predictive Planning has both. Advanced workflow capabilities, a market-leading Collaboration Hub, and consumable analytics enable organizations to achieve better performance. 

End-user experience

By combining an intuitive user interface, a process-centric workflow and a market-leading Collaboration Hub, Vanguard Predictive Planning is continually selected by organizations due to the uniquely positive user experience. Users are delighted with Vanguard’s features, which improve their day-to-day performance. Unlike other software applications, Vanguard Predictive Planning is a native cloud-based platform built on a real-time mesh network that delivers unparalleled response time.

Demand sensing

Vanguard’s next generation demand planning includes advanced support for demand sensing. Demand sensing requires software that can ingest and analyze a large volume of data: many times, from multiple sources. Vanguard delivers with our market-leading UHIO database, which performs such analyses in seconds from sources such as:

The goal of leveraging demand sensing is to gain early insight into potential new patterns; possibly closing any gap between your plan and reality in your supply chain. Vanguard’s vast library of mathematical models have been designed and tuned for demand sensing. Vanguard Predictive Planning ingests data at a higher frequency, in some instances, up to hourly refreshes, enabling adjustments and new insights into your short-term forecasts.

Why Vanguard Predictive Planning


Focus on improvement. Automate planning processes with a powerful AI engine, and an unlimited number of strategy choices and constraint inputs. Build advanced workflows, utilize alerts and notifications, and manage by exception.  Provide planners the most accurate and up-to-date predictions and recommendations that will result in harmonious, goal-based decision-making across all plans.


Leverage team wisdom in meaningful ways with Vanguard’s Collaboration Hub. Broadcast messaging, system-wide searching, and hashtagging are all supported by the built-in, actionable collaboration feed.  Incorporate the team’s hard-earned wisdom while staying true to the data.  Plug in key knowledge to improve forecast and planning accuracy.


Remain resilient against variability with Vanguard’s market-leading advanced analytics: artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and an optimization engine. Analyze various what-if scenarios with the support of Monte Carlo simulations to understand the probabilities of various outcomes, including best, average, and worst cases. Leverage knowledge of risk levels for any potential future scenario, and turn uncertainty into profit.


Enable end-to-end visibility and alignment. Stop running jobs; stop importing or connecting data from module to module. At the heart of Vanguard Predictive Planning is our Unified High-Performance In-Memory Object (UHIO) database, which supports a unified data model across all plans. Watch a change to the sales forecast impact the demand, supply, capacity, production and financial plans in real-time.  Empower unified forecasting, planning, and decision-making across the entire organization.

Business Benefits

Automate supply chain planning

With Vanguard Predictive Planning, most of the supply chain planning process can be automated. A combination of artificial intelligence, predictive and prescriptive analytics, a robust rules engine, and advanced workflows makes this possible. This automation and accuracy layered onto a truly unified IBP platform allows organizations to understand and act on the end-to-end implications of potential decisions.

Industry analysts agree that automating as many decisions as possible helps improve efficiencies and maturity of supply chain teams. Automation is an important step for supply chains to scale and support growth in a cost-effective manner.

Improve forecast accuracy

Forecast accuracy is one of the most underrated aspects of supply chain planning software, mostly because everyone agrees that a point forecast is always wrong. What they miss, however, is that the forecast range (confidence intervals) is what needs to be correct. How that range is calculated is the crucial differentiator. Monte Carlo simulation offers a superior confidence interval (range) when compared with typical point techniques. It analyzes hundreds or thousands of scenarios in seconds to generate the intervals. Vanguard clients make use of these exceptional forecasts through our platform to better optimize inventory and operations, and improve financial performance.

Reduce costs, minimize stockouts, and improve profits and customer satisfaction

Market-leading supply chains keep optimal inventory levels to avoid lost sales and stockouts while improving customer satisfaction. It all starts with the forecast. Supply and production plans cannot be optimized if their input (the forecast) is bad. Improved forecast accuracy boosts both of these plans (supply and production). In turn, your organization will see a reduction in stockoutsoptimized safety-stock levels, and a reduction in inventory carrying costs, increasing your working capital. A by-product of this improved accuracy is an increase in customer fulfillment and satisfaction while lowering inventory levels. This is the desired end game for any supply chain; Vanguard Predictive Planning helps you achieve it

Supply chain digitization

Whether your organization is just embarking on a digital transformation or is in the midst of one, Vanguard Predictive Planning is a key software component for the journey. Vanguard is a natively cloud supply chain planning platform that is inherently digital. Leveraging artificial intelligencemachine learningadvanced analytics, and support for omni-channel, your supply chain planning processes will be transformed overnight. Improvements to your service levels, costs, agility, inventory levels, and processes are continuously optimized, resulting in operational excellence. Vanguard helps your organization leverage more mature and transformative features of the platform. For example, Vanguard integrates disparate data sources like inventory, shipments, and customer orders to yield a more accurate forecast, anticipating problems before they occur.

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