Sales and operations planning (S&OP)

The goal of S&OP is to align sales and operations teams. Vanguard Predictive Planning is an IBP platform specifically designed for S&OP.

Vanguard Predictive Planning for S&OP

Work towards a common set of goals, which is measured by predefined metrics that are fed by real-time integrated plans. This real-time aspect of Vanguard Predictive Planning for S&OP allows organizations to balance demand with supply and capacity, evaluate probabilistic-based plans with tradeoffs, and track performance.

Vanguard helps you achieve higher and more reliable revenues, improved margins, and increased profitability. Non-technical business users can apply advanced analytics, including Monte Carlo simulation, to discover the best possible outcome among competing courses of action.

Why Vanguard Predictive Planning


Focus on improvement. Automate planning processes with a powerful AI engine, and an unlimited number of strategy choices and constraint inputs. Build advanced workflows, utilize alerts and notifications, and manage by exception.  Provide planners the most accurate and up-to-date predictions and recommendations that will result in harmonious, goal-based decision-making across all plans.


Leverage team wisdom in meaningful ways with Vanguard’s Collaboration Hub. Broadcast messaging, system-wide searching, and hashtagging are all supported by the built-in, actionable collaboration feed.  Incorporate the team’s hard-earned wisdom while staying true to the data.  Plug in key knowledge to improve forecast and planning accuracy.


Remain resilient against variability with Vanguard’s market-leading advanced analytics: artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and an optimization engine. Analyze various what-if scenarios with the support of Monte Carlo simulations to understand the probabilities of various outcomes, including best, average, and worst cases. Leverage knowledge of risk levels for any potential future scenario, and turn uncertainty into profit.


Enable end-to-end visibility and alignment. Stop running jobs; stop importing or connecting data from module to module. At the heart of Vanguard Predictive Planning is our Unified High-Performance In-Memory Object (UHIO) database, which supports a unified data model across all plans. Watch a change to the sales forecast impact the demand, supply, capacity, production and financial plans in real-time.  Empower unified forecasting, planning, and decision-making across the entire organization.

Business Benefits

Unified IBP platform

Powered by a true unified platform, Vanguard Predictive Planning allows S&OP users to see, in real-time, how changes trickle down from the sales forecast to the supply chain and all the way to the cashflow statement and monetized forecast (with error monetization). Should finance or the inventory team want to run their own scenarios, no problem. Each team can run their own scenarios with their own assumptions.

Configurable S&OP workflows

S&OP is a living process with many workflows and sub-workflows. Therefore, organizations need a solution that offers flexible, advanced workflow and collaboration abilities.

Vanguard Predictive Planning does just that. With intuitive, easy to configure workflows, automating and implementing your pre-S&OP and S&OP business process with workflows is a snap. As your process matures, you can modify your workflows in a few clicks.

Probability-based financial projections

The end result of S&OP meetings comes down to dollars and cents. One reason that many S&OP initiatives are not as successful as they could be is that they do not take into account the probabilities of certain scenarios or drivers.

This is where Vanguard Predictive Planning increases the value of your S&OP process. Through an integrated Monte Carlo simulation engine, Vanguard Predictive Planning leverages all of the value of probability-based planning and risk management for the S&OP process.

Advanced reporting and visualizations

Many organizations leverage charts and reports as part of their pre-S&OP prep and S&OP review. This is usually a business intelligence (BI) activity.

With Vanguard Predictive Planning, you do not need a third-party BI solution. The platform includes an advanced BI and visualization capability that enables end users to create their own charts, reports, and dashboards. Additionally, S&OP best practice reports are pre-built to increase your return on investment.

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